best of all worlds when it comes to marketing & design.

"Courtney has the combination of great art style and taste, skill and technical savvy.  She is the best of all worlds when it comes to marketing and design! Courtney is a self starter which is an important trait that I look for when I hire vendors or staff. She has the initiative to surmise what needs to be completed and the discipline to address those tasks to make it happen. To top all this off Courtney is an honest and trustworthy person. She has a pleasant personality to be around which is so important in a work culture these days. "

- Chandra Lee, Lee Integrations

"Courtney Alexander has been an irreplaceable asset for my business. She took on tasks and treated them as if it were her image that she's designing for and I love that. She has not only made KiMedia Strategies a more recognizable and memorable brand, she's made clients extremely happy with her unique vision. At KiMedia Strategies Courtney worked on client campaigns designing custom, Facebook landing pages, contest ads and artwork, holiday branding for Twitter and Facebook and retouched logos. She assisted in brainstorming, mind mapping and executing marketing campaigns for several types of brands including Human Resources, print technology manufacturers, ska-punk bands and real estate. Courtney has also assisted with several non- profits KiMedia Strategies works with providing much needed branding and web design. Courtney Alexander not only understands the various tools necessary to execute a creative, unique campaign, she also understands that every client is different. She listens to the client, gets to know them and becomes that brand as she creates a visual experience to last a lifetime."

- Kim Randall, Kimedia Strategies

She not only creates a more recognizable & memorable brand... she understands that every client is different. 

displays the leadership & work ethic... passionate about not only design, but also art as a whole.

" I have been fortunate to know Courtney professionally for several years, and in all of my dealings with her, she has shown herself to be a young woman of character, intelligence, and talent. She displays the leadership and work ethic that every client desires the individuals they work with to have. Courtney is one of the hardest working designers that I have ever met.  She leads by example and is passionate about not only design, but also art as a whole. She displays a great attitude no matter the environment.  No one will outwork her.  She combines her talent with a great desire to excel and a work ethic that is second to none."

- Tammi Flythe, GetWrite PR

ALWAYS delivered above and beyond expectation.

"Courtney is a great young designer and is very passionate about her craft. After using Courtney over the past few years on several different projects she has ALWAYS delivered above and beyond expectation. She definitely goes ensures your money is well spent and I look forward to working with her again soon on future projects."

- Brandon Bartley, MPA