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estefania velez - visual artist

 Estefania Velez is an artist was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, and moved to mainland United States when only three years old.She is Graduate student in CUNY's Brooklyn College MFA program scheduled to graduate Spring 2017.  My role is strengthen the foundation of her artist platform as well as assist in her brand transition from student centered to a working professional artist.

Through oil painting  explore time and loss, and the way images can mirror memory in the layering of information. I play with the passage of time by the movement of the figure on a single canvas, stacking highly realized subjects with sketched forms over a generalized background space. I am also focused on melding high art with low art signifiers.

jervae anthony - vocalist, song writer, performer and visual artist

JerVae is a San Diego based singer/songwriter and a hearty portion of soul, rock, church and musical theater. My role is to bring a cohesiveness to her brand, create a home-base for the community she has amassed, and showcase her immense array of talent as an emerging production artist.

"Not only is she a character, but her personality matches her music . . . It sounds like you are watching a movie and watching a scene that tugs at your heart ever so gently because it brings back to mind a familiar situation. Slightly off-beat and kitschy yet musically tasty, I look forward to more music from JerVae in the future." - Tha Feedback

"She is helping to mold San Diego's budding new music scene by: Performing, hosting, teaching, and promoting numerous events and artists around our city, as well as a being a budding new star on multiple social media outlets . . . " - Aniko Quest


Design from a different time. 

Curious about some of my previous works? I keep them in a separate box along with my old high school photos (including those prom pics of me dressed like a runaway bride that I proudly photoshopped some skin blur and extra glow on. I wont be sharing those . . . but I digress).