Dust II Onyx

Dust II Onyx - a tarot deck inspired
by the diversity of the black diaspora


Site - www.dust2onyx.com
Client - Dust II Onyx
Role - Product Development , Package Design, Marketing, Mixed Media Art, Video, Publishing, Identity, Web Design,

Dust II Onyx: A Melanated Tarot Deck is a full 78+ card tarot deck and guidebook designed and written by me, Courtney Alexander. The Kickstarter campaign exceeded the funding goal by over 20% with over $30,000 from 600+ backers. The deck is still in production and will be available this Fall 2017. I've managed every aspect of the project from start to finish. Aside from the art, writing, and product development, I spearheaded the Kickstarter campaign, handled public relations and landed interviews on highly influential platforms such as the Hood Witch and Huffington Post. I'm also proud to be the first African American woman to publish a widely distributed tarot deck since it's original creator Pamela Colman Smith, who designed the art for the widely used Rider-Waite system in 1910.

Tarot Cards Mockup 08.png